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Mythic Non-Toxic Primer, Free Shipping

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Please follow these 5 simple instructions to buy Mythic Paint and have it Delivered to Your Facility, Jobsite, Business or Home:

1. Select your Product Line:

Primers – Choose from the Four Revolutionary Mythic Primers

  • 710 Interior Drywall Primer: An inexpensive super quality primer used for new walls.
  • 720 Interior Exterior Hiding Primer: The best covering primer with more white solids.
  • 730 Interior Exterior All Purpose: Use for Masonry, Wood, Metal or Stained Surfaces.
  • 740 Interior Exterior Accent Primer: Dark gray hiding primer to use under accent colors.  

Pro – Super High Quality Builders Paint

  • A fantastically engineered, interior only, budget price coating that will surprise most painters. Designed for inexpensive coverage and consistent superb touch up, the Pro paint line has been specially engineered to be easy to brush, roll or ideally sprayed for fast paced production environments. You will use less than the other budget paints.

Classic – Superior Coverage and Scrub-ability

  • The Mythic “Battleship”, the first paint and still the best seller offering a mid price but fantastic coverage. This product flows and levels beautifully so the painters love it and is just as good if not better than any premium paint on the market today. This line comes in Interior or exterior as well as the whole range of finishes ( use Black Label for Matte and Satin.)
  • Rumor has it that our Navy is quite happy with a few battleships painted with Classic!

Black Label – High Acrylic, Moisture Resistant & Self Priming

  • As a self priming premium, interior only product, Black Label can achieve the most cost effective coverage AND truest color by having all the coats go on in the same color. The most scrub-able and durable product available in Semi, Satin and Matte. Interior designers flip over the color quality and often specify the satin as the best alternative to traditional, but wickedly hazardous and smelly oil paints.
  • We are fussy painters ourselves and love Black Label for our trim!

2. Select Your Finish (gloss or sheen):

  • Please carefully select your product and gloss since not every line comes in every gloss.

3. Select Your Color:

  • Choose one of Mythic’s 1252 Beautiful colors or bring your favorite color along and we will do a near perfect match.
  • Choose a competitor’s color and we can do a near perfect match for you but please be sure to enter brand, color and color number.
  • Please call us if you have a concern about perfect color matching.
  • PLEASE NOTE: When ordering competitors colors, a slight shade difference is possible but we are fussy about matching so we get few complaints. If you have a color with no brand, number or color name you may want to send us a clean, accurately colored paint sample to 117C Harrison Avenue, Roseland, NJ 07068 and we will computer match it.

4. Select Your Container Size and Quantity:

  • Simply choose quart, gallon or five gallon and select a quantity.

5. PayPal or Credit Card Checkout.

  • Enter a PayPal email address to use your PayPal account
  • Choose “CHECKOUT” and Enter a NON – PayPal email address to use your credit card
  • NOTE: If you enter an email associated with PayPal the system may force you to use your Paypal account.

Please give us a call at 973 886 4722 prior to your order if you have questions.

Orders placed by Noon ship the same day with typical next day delivery by Fedex ground to surrounding states.

Please call if you need guaranteed shipping times like overnight service.

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